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>> it's august 30th. this is a fox news alert. america loses a key ally. america's top ally now backing out. what that means about a possible strike going forward. the biggest union leader in the united states turning sour on obama care. >> when the act is put together it wasn't thought completely through. >> not thought completely through. can they win the healthcare battle with the unions jumping ship. >> it is not just your wallets with economic pain. even the tooth fairy is getting hit. kids receiving more than ever now. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to the city who never sleeps. you can see that outside this morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. president obama in a bind after america's bigs ally backs away from taking action in syria. go to doug luzader live in washington with the latest. >> good morning. whatever coalition the president was hoping to build here now appears to be in at that timer
scandals. he was referring to claims republican law americas that the administration misled the public about the nature of the attack by stressing the connection to an anti islam film. some law americas aren't dealing very lightly. they continue to push for more answers. behind closed doors they met with bristol who was leading an elite task force when the terrorists attacked the benghazi consulate. he spoke in a classified briefing yesterday. sources tell us he confirmed what other military brass told law americas despite what the white house does claim u.s. officials were not prepared heading into the attacks on 9-11. those lawmakers tell us they are not giving up. take a look at this. >> they are in campaign mode. you need to have trust in the government and when our government targets people based on the tax code when our government miss leads the country about a terrorist attack in benghazi that erodes trust and then when our commander-in-chief says this is phony there's no reason to be concerned about this there's nothing to see here, that's just arrogance. >> they continue to vo
americas wonder why we aren't doing more to arrest these people. house over site committee darrel issa says osama bin laden had been charged but was not apprehended. delays in apprehending the benghazi killers will only put american lives at further risk. meanwhile president obama is saying his decision to shut 22 embassies and conflicts around the world this week is not an over reaction because of what happened in benghazi. that is instead rooted in the real life threat to americans abroad. >> one thing i have tried to do as president is not over react but make sure that as much possible the american people understand there are general risks ever p out there. one thing we have seen over the last few years is how resilient we are. >> why did it take yesterday to file the charges against the suspects. >> peter doocy live. >> a massive manhunt underway this morning for suspected killer who may have abducted two children. it happened in san diego. anna kooiman is here with us live with the latest. >> good morning heather, good morning to everyone at home. his name is james dimaggio. police say
the unauthorized surveillance of america. >> elizabeth brpran is liv prane from washington with the latest. >> the agency over stepped the boundaries. edward snowden proving significant violations include the unauthorized use of information on more than 3,000 americans and green card holders quote a large number of calls from washington were intercepted in 2008 after the district's area code was mistaken to the country code for egypt. in 2012 more than 2700 incidence of unauthorized collection as well as distribution of what is normally legally protected communications. the article's reporter saying there were a multitude of mistakes made. >> searching on the wrong names or searching on u.s. persons improperly or searching on people who they have no reasonable suspicion or length to terrorist groups. >> in a statement the nsa said it tries to identify problems and in part the statement reads we take each report seriously investigate the matter, address the issue, constantly wolook fo trends and address them as well all as part of the over site and compliance efforts. it's really a reflecti
to continue to make employer contributions to their health plan. basically law americas and congressional staffers. they say a number of senators reportedly expressed concern over hike in healthcare costs due to the implementation of obama care. they don't want to get crushed by the change of benefits. this as the irs chief tells congress he would rather stick with his current healthcare plan. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law that you are enforce. >> to speak for myself i prefer to stay with the current policy i am pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through the change. >> he is planning one of a number of votes to continue to chip away at obama care. this time to prevent the irs from implementing the law really showing lack of approval of the agency in the wake of the allegations. at the same time the president has made it a permanent irs commissioner. white house officials say former freddie mac chairman has the experience to resort confidence in the agency. >> elizabeth prann in washington. thanks. >>> a fox business
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in america products. the retailing giant hosted its first u.s. manufacturing summit last week just after walmart pledged to buy $50 million more in u.s. goods over the next decade. it's its latest attempt to boost its image which has been criticized by labor groups that it eliminates jobs with its low prices. production costs in asia have risen and shipping costs continue to go up. >> thank you very much, jo. appreciate it. >>> well, today is national dog day. and we're celebrating our little four legged friends. we'll start with a picture, these are my little guys. sax is 12 pounds and sassy on the right. and it says playing dress up, but this is what they look like when you pick them up from the groomers. >> and this is our make up artist's lisa's dog who looks excited to be awake. >> oreo looks like smehe's smilg with her eyes closed. >> send us your pups and we'll show them throughout the show. >>> coming up, police asking for help finding this teenager wanted for the brutal murder of a world war ii veteran. the latest on the search for a suspected killeder. >>> plus a frightening mo
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calling benghazi a phony scandal 78 percent said it's a serious situation and law americas are outraged at news at suspects have been charged in the attack including the alleged leader have not been arrested. >> according to public safety we have terrorist attack where ambassador and three americans have been murdered. he is roaming around libya libyan authorities haven't picked him up. why isn't he being interrogated why isn't he in custody. if it's important enough to charge him. it's ladies and gentlemened he has been involv-- it's alleged involved, why isn't he in custody? >> a wild police chase ends with a suspect's car crashing and then flipping over. take a look at this. >> he is going 206 to make-- he going to have to make a turn here. look at him on the dirt and through the fence and rolling. >> it happened in san fernando in the valley. a man accused behind the wheel accused of car jacking a kia van. after 20 minutes of driving he got out of the vehicle and then surrendered to police. >> also happening overnight we learned that more than a dozen animals have been removed from
advantage of a loophole and using phrases that would permit them to enter into america and stay here. >> when they come across the border they say certain words and they are allowed into the country. there has to be a policy change something implemented, an emergency inl mriment tation that wi -- implementation to stop this otherwise we will have thousands coming in. >> one of the key phrases a credible fear of drug cartel. border agents say 200 people used that term in one day to come into the country. they received a court date and many times they don't show up. >> protesting in israel after the government announces the release of 26 long held palestinian prisoners. some after spending more than 2 decades behind bars. the release is part of a deal brokered by the u.s. to bring the two sides back to the negotiating table after a five year freeze in peace talks. >> firefighters in california expected to have the fire contained as early as today. the fire has stopped advancing and at this hour it is 75 percent contained. it burned 26 homes threatened more than 500 others and injured a
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. it is integral. this happens through out america at any jurisdiction. you have to do it. officers have to have the right of inquiry if they see some suspicious behavior. i can assure you this is not just a new york city issue. it is an issue through out america. >> and in her ruling the judge allowed stop and frisk to go forward but with changes. one of those changes is he appointed a monitor to oversee the new york police department. in short order they announced they will and did appeal. in lower outside police headquarters ainsley back to you. >> robert moses, appreciate it. thanks, robert. the time is 17 minutes after the top of the hour. are you ready for some football? listen up to the next story. new nfl security measures are causing a sptir outside the stadium. then all you need, mud, construction equipment and an imagination. how some created their very own homemade water park rides. >> getting come coffee in new york city. we have the viewer startling off your day great with a smile on your face. appreciate you joining us here on "fox & friends first". british police are investigatin
holds meetings. keilah americas also in the loop on capitol hill. >> it has been aawfn awful lot chatter that means conversations among terrorists about planning going on. reminiscent of what we saw pre9-11. >> 22 u.s. embassies and consulates were closed because of that threat in the mylesed and afri-- middle east and afri. 19 of those will be closed through out the week out of a caution of abundance. it is merely an indication of commitment to exercise caution and take appropriate steps to protect our employees. sources tell fox news al qaeda is planning something big with a public relations plan to maximize the impact after the fact. there's concern about a surgery implanted device possibly being used and they say this is not a dress rehearsal as other white house warnings has been in the past. so far the president's actions have the support of critics. >> it is clear al qaeda may be more of a threat to us than they were before 9-11 now. we don't know what exactly all of the intelligence is but as you heard from the experts on both sides of the i'll and c ai and congress there's a rea
or the business department. number two banks, bank of america was defrauding it's investors. a child star from the hit movie, the sand lot busted by police. >> what are you doing? you are killing me. >> cops say that tom grery the actor who played scotty small drunkenly head butted a police officer. he was board ago flight in houston. he was too drunk to fly. when officers arrived to throw him into custody he through a fit. never a good idea to head butt a cop. >> husher almost lost his son in a near drowning just days ago. that accident is already leading to a major legal battle. we will tell you why the singer is now due in court tomorrow. >> disturbing details about the boys who were killed by a python. we will tell you what investigators now know that could lead to manslaughter charges. ok, i am coming. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today, i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that
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as planned.. really? >>> time to take a look at the good, bad and ugly. the good, "duck dynasty" is america's favorite tv show. the official ratings are in for the fourth season premier and it qua quacked in with 11.8 million viewers. that is a new record. now the bad. this guy getting thrown out of a grocery store window in brazil. he went in to rob the place and the only thing he left with, a bunch of bruises. ouch. >>> finally, the ugly. >> no! >> a man pulling off an electrifying prank on his wife, she asked him to test the power by turning on the lights and he pretends he is electrocuted. >> oh, my goosh! >> time for your favorite viral video of the week. was it the dog that plays dead to avoid getting a bath? or was it the cat who stands up to greet people when the doorbell rings? or was it the pepperoni, the beagle who managed to steal a whole pizza from the kitchen counter? here are your responses. jane is e-mailing us, all the videos are cute. here is something funny about my cat, she likes to sleep in the dishwasher, turned off, of course. >> charlie says, my favorite this morning
are america's team. a brand-new study found that the cowboys have the most loyal fan base in the nfl. the study looked at things like fan attendance on game day and the size of the market and if fans still came if the team didn't do well. what team is second? that would be the patriots. as for the least loyal fan base, the raiders. 0 do you agree or disagree? tweet us at foxfriendsfirst. >>> coming up next they were put on leave after the benghazi attacks. now they're back on job at the state department. the reason why? and everything else you need to know. >>> this boy was asked not to enter a championship. is that fair? we'll ask next. >>> it is now 57 after the top of the hour. before you love the house here is what is happening today. firefighters in oregon battling a growing of with. it's already scorched 3,000 acres started by lightning. >>> and the state workers will be back at work today after the benghazi attacks. john kerry said they do not deserve military action. >>> and bradley manning prosecutors said he deserves a six-year sentence for leaking classified documents to w
developments for you in the latest terror threat against america. new details about who is behind it. and the underwear bomb. remember that? that was just the beginning. terrorists now using exploding clothing. >> then a travel nightmare this morning. hundreds of flights grounded around the world because of a computer outage. >> and they are here talking party schools. which are they? that and much more coming up. fox and friends first starts right now. >>> it is tuesday. in case you are keeping count. welcome to fox and frien-- "foxs first". >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> it is 31 minutes after the hour. a fox news alert massive airport delays could cause travel nightmares all around the world. a noble reservation system crashing overnight crashes hundreds of flights. >> jolene kemp has the latest for us. what's the latest for us? >> the global computer system crashes in hundreds of airports in the last few hours around the world. american jetblue, virgin, australia, united others experienced overnight problems for 2 and a half hours. they delayed 50 flights. couldn't take off on time
. gun rights advocates vow to fight the bill. >>> one of america's biggest speed skating stars side lined from next year's winter olympics in russia. the reason, simon cho was suspended for two years after admit to go tampering with the dates of a canadian rival. he blamed it on the pressures from his coach. >>> coffee could be key in helping men fight prostate cancer. a new study finds males with a history of the disease who drank four or more cups of coffee every day had a 59% lower risk of seeing their cancer worsen or return. but you there is no proof that drinking coffee protects against prostate cancer. >>> it is now 25 after the top of the hour and time to brew on this. some college seniors have more to worry about than just graduating this spring. they also have to prepare for an exit exam for perspective employers. about 200 colleges and universities have signed up to give what's being called the collegiate learning assessment plus. >> the goal of the test is for students to incorporate the results into the resumes and possibly have them september to potential employers. ar
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)